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supporting our professional skin therapists

For over 30 years, Dermalogica has provided professional-grade products and skillset training to licensed skin therapists around the world. With COVID-19 forcing closures of salon businesses everywhere, we are working to ensure that our tribe of professional skin therapists (PSTs) are supported through this unprecedented time. Below you will find useful information to help you further plan your professional-grade skin care education, products, and services.

Sign up for the all-new Meaningful Connections course and certification. Get the tools you need to strengthen emotional intelligence - and build real connections with every client.

Meaningful Connections

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A woman looking at her mobile phone

virtual services

Digital services are here to stay! Whether stuck at home or working and unable to find time in a busy day, a virtual service offers the opportunity for human connection and your expert education and advice. Explore Digital Consultations, Virtual Services @home and Mirror Me guided tutorials to brighten your customers day.

Virtual touch
@home services

Dermalogica microfoliant bottles

digital partner programme

Join today. Follow our simple steps and increase your chances to earn and enhance your Digital Partner Programme. Find out more here

Digital Partner Programme

A consultant wearing a mask with a patient

mask friendly services

If your region requires your customers to wear masks at all times, you can still offer fantastic skin services. With our eyes taking centre stage, we have developed protocols specifically for the eye area and similarly treatments for the neck and chest.

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A consultant on a video chat


Let’s host a skin care party! With social connection limited what better way to connect that to gather a group of like-minded skin lovers together and host a digital masterclass. Educational, fun and with the potential for amazing retail sales, check out some examples here.

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Woman holding a certificate

clean touch

Ensure both your customers and your staff employ the ultimate in hygiene and safety practices to keep safe. Dermalogica is proud to have developed an Enhanced Service Safety workshop with certification to provide you with guidance and protocols to showcase that your business is clean touch approved.

Enhanced Service Safety
Clean Touch

A consultant smiling

mental health support

As an important provider of human touch and social connection at this time, here we provide you with advice and tools to support both yourself and your customers in great mental health practices.

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cup of coffee next to a laptop

coffee chat

Coffee Chats: covering topics from creating digital content, to managing finances, these bite size coffee chats from an array of experts will answer your burning questions. Put the kettle on and enjoy!

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